CYCLONE RELIEF. Give Kiwis struggling another choice.

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Supplies essential toiletries for a single person.
Helps a family to keep the power on.
Provides a bed to a person moving into stable housing.
Gives on-going psychosocial support, strengthening a person’s journey back to independence.

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Your donation will go directly to supporting kiwis who are struggling. This includes providing support with food, clothing, household goods, heating and housing. As well as on-going support with social work, advocacy, companionship, youth work and supported employment.

Can I help in other ways?

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Right now, people like you are critical. We need your support now more than ever. If you are unable to make a cash donation at this time, you can support our mission by:

  • Creating your own fundraising event to raise donations from your family, friends or corporate networks.
  • Volunteering at your local Vinnies.
  • Shopping at your local Vinnies Op Shop.
  • Share the Vinnies National Appeal with your network.